Hello World

Currently I work as a Cyber Security consultant. Mostly I work as a Vulnerabilty Management Engineer, but I'm branching out into Cloud Security and Application Security. I've always been interested in coding, but never really had the time to develop that interest. A friend of mine recently told me that "you don't find time to do things you want, you make time" This really struck me with inspiration, so I decided to adopt that mantra and learn to code. I've always been fascinated by Python, so that will be the focus of this blog/page/whatever. I have always learned best when I'm trying to teach something, so I decided that starting a blog to showcase the different things I learn about Python would be beneficial. I hope that it helps someone else that has decided to learn how to code. I've had to learn some basic HTML/CSS to get this started, but once I get the basics of that down, I will start Python.

I'd like to thank C7, who supports and encourages me in this journey.